Sustainable Business

ESG Sustainability Report

Bitė Group sustainability report 2021 provides a comprehensive review of the Group’s actions and the impact our operations have on the environment, communities, customers and our employees. The report also examines how we are coping with various challenges in responding to climate-related risks and achieving science-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. The report outlines the steps we are taking to further strengthen our approach to ESG and sustainability.

Sustainability Report 2021

The Science Based Targets initiative has validated and approved the corporate greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets of Bitė Group in July 2022.

Science-based target certificate July 2022

Bitė Group first sustainability report includes a comprehensive evaluation of how well the Group coped with the governmental, social and environmental challenges faced in 2019-2020. It also lays down ambitious future plans, including a commitment to the Business Ambition for 1.5 °C to mitigate climate change.

Sustainability Report 2019-2020